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Types of Herbal Medicines – 7. December, 2010

1. Herbal Teinture: This form of medicine from the plants is a dye that is a liquid solution is placed in the green is a herbaceous plant in conjunction with alcohol to remove the effects of plants on the basis of the plant. The effectiveness of a dyeing is controlled by the amount of alcohol that is concentrated, to determine the effect of the drug on the ill health of the pain of patients.
2. Solid, taken with the formation of liquid: The ones to be removed from the plant on the basis of plants, which are compared in dyeing plants based on very powerful. They are used in the same summer that the coloring, but in the dry form, in order to preserve the activity. Usually the liquid is dissolved in to get the dried grass.
3. Thés Herbal: Herbal tea is composed of several components, which are found in the stems and the flowers and leaves. A mixed factory without sufficient expertise to recognize, may have catastrophic effects of the components with the functioning of which are contradictory within the organs of the body.
4. Poultices that medicine based on plants: They are made of a grass that is planned on ground water in a mixer or in the form of dough. Poultices that the medicine based on plants used primarily for injuries, bruises, scratches and sprains. About the poultices can be assessed in a form of ointments based on plant also remains in the semi-solid state. Vegetable oils are used for stiff, the production process of various ointments based on plants.
Oils 5th Essential that medicine based on plants: are oils extracted from plants and trees for their hulls of volatile liquid and the fragrant compounds are aromatic. The Aromatherapy lors is used by a herbalist as a medicinal drug, and for the mixture of the same composition of different scented cosmetics such as they know, lotions and creams, shampoos and perfumes, etc.
Factors causes / risk of herbal medicine:
· Plants medicine when interacting with the use of drugs in the synthesis of large numbers causes extreme toxicity to the patient.
. Most grasses, and shrubs that are poisonous in medicine based on plants put together Morelle toxins and substances of the Prucher.
· Thanks to the excessive consumption of the drugs on the basis of plants in a blood circuit, he has recorded one, the reason for the potassium depletion is huge, in assigning the food intake of chronic licorice in general.
. In hépatique inadequacy case if the appropriate amount of extract of plants of the clever summer is not to treat the disease, the formation of cancerous cells in the area of the liver destroying, it happens a "acte in black grape" who on the first dressmaker is implied, to muddy the digestive system of the human body.
. A sharp and chronic poisoning of the body is taken through a processing in Chinese medicine that is taken.
. Carcinogenic form is available to make drugs, a sufficient amount of composition mixing, in the natures of potentially toxic, are to announce that the tin and arsenic. The balance is obtained in equilibrium each composition in accordance with its response capacity and the good result orientation.
• A drug that is injected into the skin of a patient as a user on the basis of plants directly, without necessary precautions, is for the affections of the skin extremely dangerous because the stems of plants of medicinal products based on strong, drawn from the roots, are formed and they have a tendency to burn the surface of the skin or it gets infected zone by the disease by some.
. Hemophilia could be a major risk factor because of the clotting factor of blood to prove to be too, if a concentrate has begun specific products based on plants, to react with cells of the blood on the nature inappropriée.
· Domestic life: Physical activity clerk in general might be less in number multiply the risk factor the development of blood vessels within the narrow body, because a strong rule, or proposed by a herbalist dose a patient sick a fixed system calls for the metabolism of the body that grasses and shrubs to digest very easily. In the case or on the basis of curative treatment plants multiply chances of life emphasized high blood pressure and the arteries and veins, pressed his heart, where thick fine grasses takes, takes time to be diluted to be effective.
. Emotional excitement: the patient can be based on the adoption of the measure turbid émotionnellement be corrective to lose by using the medicine on the basis of plant stress, because some patients believe that this form of therapy that is innovante, finally from her body is set back several months or sometimes even to take leave of the hormones. The trigger a traumatic event even begins here. If you do get to relax such problems, you may like to check the product grass Salvia.
· Sensitivity to the food: The patients who are sensitive to specific diets based on plants that are available in many forms such as dairy products, fruit sugar (sugared fruit), wheat grains and sorbitol, etc. therefore, to believe a kind comportementales therapies, but they could in their tour, the dependence on the foods of other gaseous drinks, food consumption of fats and an alcohol from a patient in nature, such as chronic. After all the patients they are somewhere, linked to chronic ailments that are not in his itinerary, making completely deranged patient. He could even since none have caused food, but causes a symptom that what the patient thinks in all time. Hypersensitivity is the real risk factor to trigger the brain.

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Herbal Medicine – 7. December, 2010

A composite could from the components under different part, which, when placed to respond, in an irregular situation, make, beat rhythms with a cardiac arrest of the heart to intend · black licorice. Diuretics and licorice dangerous to manufacture the low potassium levels to a patient of the credit to create the characters sharp muscular pain, paralysis of one side or both sides of the body and the weakness of fine and sweet numbness of the veins. This component can react very calmly in the channels of the complacency of calcium in the human body blocking.
. Grapefruit juice: Juice interagit directly with the inhibitors calciques direct control of the cholesterol medicines based on plants, estrogens, and other allergic drug, which is a contraceptive, which is oral. It changes the metabolism of the body with medicines based on plants, the capacity of the good functioning of the system used hépatique.
· Juice of an orange: the aluminum in various drugs on the basis of plants containing anti-acid orange juice should not be consumed. Bitten by the need for antibiotics pre-values the contribution of the juice of such by health practitioners to a specific patient in difficulty. the sour taste of the juice reduces the effectiveness of essential antibiotics in the bloodstream.
. Grills: An asthma attack can be triggered ingérable due to the consumption of fried food, which consists in certain natural chemical compositions of her. The reaction of these chemical substance with the presence of medicines based on plants is catastrophic.
• the symptoms of food that are antidépresseurs: An age old cheese that should be thrown with the other components of the diet, such as Italian green beans, red wines and beers;, pepperoni and ripe hanging cast iron, etc. Legal particularly for patients with anti-dépresseurs the drugs on the basis of plants from. The interaction causes fateful circumstances in the substantial increase in the levels of blood pressure of the body.
• The milk products: a laxative, in the hour of the morning works better, can not be formed with a "milk" post at the same time. The laxative is composed of a bisacodyl together called component. The search – ox in the levels in the blood rises to toxic levels, a diet change in the consumption of milk should be examined very carefully, if such a reaction occurred due to the presence of medicinal plants within the body.
. Anti acids that medicine based on plants: These antibiotics based on plant taken forms and other drugs of the thyroid have the power to the taking of the medicine of the organism to reduce up to 90 percent, which is the main cause of anxiety for the patient .
· Drugs of aspirin: medicine for the arthritis drugs on the basis of plants can be some change of aspirin slightly by the operation because some of the strong steroid of the herb dealers for the cure of the disease be those prescribed in combination with specific drugs of diabetes very much in the level sanguine sugar to the unexpected level is reduced. Aspirin can be mortal if it has been joined by bleeding episodes to return narrower blood and provoke toxic effects of the blood, could, when taken with anticonvulsivant (antiepileptic) drug to prevent the full input of the formation of cancerous tumors or in blood.
. Acetaminophen: overdose and Surexploitation of complications, which is acetaminophen, talks interaction. A drinker can take this part of the dose for his rescue symptom hangover for his liver with an increased risk of the tendency of the damage. The reaction with coumadin provoking more internal bleeding episodes.
· Intake of vegetables (tomatoes): The present ingredient in tomatoes is called as solanine. The tomato consumption causes a tendency to an allergen, causing the evil of the head, to occur in susceptible patients. The substance that is not identified in tomato by practitioners of certain ill-treatment and poor information provokes an acidic tributary, the heartburn and excessive eating away tears. The reason for the relaxation of the reaction with a specific process based on plant medicinal drugs.
. What a turnip: It is composed of the substances that interfere with the thyroid gland with a capacity to make him a hormone of the body that is the reactive phase, white turnip, is so specific compressed on the basis of plants, hinder or the capsule is swallowed and he begins to trigger the response to other organs or the sensitive parts of the body.
• The strawberries and the raspberries: the strawberries and other juicy fruits contain substances oxalique acids, which aggravates the vésiculaires calculations and the kidney often that in the results in the reduction of the capacity of the body, the process of absorption of calcium and iron form from the proteins and minerals necessary to have the organism.

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